Dr. Brad Thompson


Team Chiropractor

For over 26 years Dr. Brad Thompson has conquered kinks, soothed sore backs and aided athletes in distress while building a reputation of professional excellence. 

Old Town Chiropractic's Services Include:

  • Family Care - Back and neck relief, chronic pain management, carpal tunnel treatment and more
  • Auto Accident Therapy - Diagnostics, therapy, whiplash prevention and treatment
  • Sports Injuries - Recovery plans, flexibility optimization, pain relief

Reasons why people seek Dr. Brad Thompson for their health needs:

  • Professional athletes use Dr. Brad to optimize performance and balance with state of the art techniques that accelerate soft tissue healing
  • Specific Exercise prescription to accelerate correction
  • Specialized Flexion-Distraction Adjusting Table for relief of low back pain and disc injuries

They accept a wide range of insurance providers and welcome walk-ins.